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Last night I was invited to be on the other side of the camera for the #SportsBraSquad movement.  #SportsBraSquad is a multifaceted movement designed to encourage body positivity and address womens safety in sports. Where to begin … Lets start with body positivity.  We all have issues with our bodies that no sees but us. […]

Last week I had the honor of photographing this gorgeous growing family at Moore State Park in Paxton.  The light was perfect… Mom was glowing, and the kids kept busy collecting wild flowers in the tall grass, all as Dad proudly doted on the three of them.  I could not help but be touched by […]

 Recently I decided to put some effort into attracting followers on social media.  Specifically Instagram since we all know Facebook is dead to creatives.  The idea was inspired by Julie Paisley who posted some interesting results she observed when she inadvertently changed her posting style, and it got me thinking…  I decided to design an […]